Candice Swanepoel’s


harnesses the balmy beauty of infinite warmth – the Tropics of both Cancer and Capricorn. Positioned either side of the equator, the tropics were named more than 2000 years ago when sun was in the Cancer constellation.

Just as the tides ceaselessly follow the cycle of the moon and stars, here, the summer never ends.

In creating a sustainable swimwear brand, Candice hopes to keep it this way.

Let me take you to the


our swimwear offers a modern approach to vintage silhouettes, mixing European elegance with Brazilian ease. a keen focus on fit celebrates the curves of the female form

the collection features a signature high-cut leg, flattering curve-cut bottoms, corset-inspired tops, and smooth contours that recall a passion for dance.

The earth provides our color palette, inspiring texture and pattern.

Our pieces are made with love and respect for the planet*

raw glamour powerful femininity

*we strive to create a swimwear collection with integrity and respect for the planet, to work with the most sustainable materials and suppliers as possible.

This season 50% of TROPIC OF C swimsuits are made using Econyl®, a ‘green’, bi-elastic techno-fabric.1 Econyl® works in partnership with to create a 100% recycled material from discarded fishing nets and other landfill waste.

Using high quality fabrics means our swimsuits are ultra durable, with a long life span. a high percentage of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ ensures a perfect fit and better shape retention over time, as well as excellent muscular compression and flexibility.

Inspired by our love of nature and respect for the environment,

TROPIC OF C continually follows new developments in the sustainable textile industry. this enables us to design and produce each collection using the most eco-friendly methods available, lightening our environmental footprint a little more each time.

Our ethos extends all the way to our packaging: from 100% recycled paper hang tags2 to ‘tree-free’ stone paper packaging3 and biodegradable plastic garment bags. We believe in nurturing safe and ethical work spaces for all elements of production.